Dude Milked by A Pair of Horny Females

Dude Forced to Ejaculate

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This stunning movie shows a naked male bound and milked by these two hot females. The girls retrain him and tease him. Inspite of attempting to free himself the guy can’t help getting hard when both young women have fun with his cock and pull on his testicles. Seeing his growing tool the two women start to wank it forcefully until finally he's forced to cum. The man creams big wads of white creamy cum onto the girl’s palms and onto their clothing.

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Femdom Hand-job by Two Nurses

Femdom Hand-job

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Receiving a femdom handjob from a couple of horny nurses is a dream I’ve had for a very long time. So this movie of a pair of dominant horny nurses in uniform jerking a man off had me reaching for the tissues in seconds. The horny nurses order the guy to strip nude and lie down on top of the bench while they take a look at his dick and balls. Of course, the guy’s dick instantly starts to get hard…

After their check-up is complete the horny nurses decide that the correct therapy for his affliction is a forceful milking. With one nurse firmly twisting his gonads the other nurse tightly grips his penis and begins jerking him off. The man asks her to slow down but the nurse refuses. He is not to feel enjoyment, this is his cure. His spunk must be removed rapidly – the quicker the better. So the nurse jerks the man harder and harder until he cums in a painful ejaculation. You can watch the full-length movie right now, in addition to loads more female domination hand job movies, by following this link...

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Bound Men Milked - Video Downloads

Bound Men Forced To Explode

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I'm sure you guys love movie downloads of bound men milked by several girls so today I’ve got a scorching femdom handjob movie for you to download. This video shows a firmly bound guy given a forced handjob by a couple of tough girls. The male is undressed and bound firmly to a milking table. The women display their dominance by remaining clothed throughout while they dispense a vigorous milking.

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Bound Man Milked By Two Very Hot Women

Bound Man Forced To Spunk

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Today’s download is a video of a man bound and milked by a pair of scorching girls. The two young ladies strap the nude male to a table and torture him, forcing him to lick their leather boots and squeezing his nipples. When one of the young ladies sees that the man is getting hard she ridicules him and teases him about it before finally getting hold of his gonads and squeezing them hard!

The man shouts out when his balls are squeezed like that however it doesn’t make his erection shrink; in fact it merely makes him even harder. Noticing the man is aroused by this kind of abusive and aggressive man handling of his penis, the women decide to find out what amount of torture he can handle. They take turns aggressively wanking his cock and twisting his balls until he's literally twitching on top of the bench and fighting against his restraints. The girls then finish him off with a double handjob until he is finally forced to explode and squirts a massive wad of creamy white spunk over their palms. To watch this video of a restrained male forced to jizz by a pair of horny young ladies, simply follow this link…

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CFNM Humiliation Videos - Femdom Nipple Torture

CFNM Humiliation Videos

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This video is the newest in a collection of CFNM male humiliation movies in which clothed females torture helpless naked men. This one is called Femdom Nipple Abuse and it features this attractive brunette Domina. The movie begins with the guy being made to strip naked in front of three females before they force him onto the bench and strap him up. Initially the women play with his cock until it begins to get stiff but the women are just teasing – they don’t seriously want to give him pleasure, only the torture that he has earned. And that is when they discover how hypersensitive his nipples can be. The moment one of the girls pinches his nipple the guy can be heard to scream out loudly and his erection starts to subside. Knowing they have found his weak point the women focus on extreme nipple torture until he can take no more.

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